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About Me

I'm, originally from North Dakota, a middle child of four and ten (long story). My home life started in dual-cultural household. It shaped my perception of life, leading me to pursue an interest in computers, writing, drawing and later photography.

I enrolled in the very prestigious University of North Dakota’s Visual Arts program, whereI earned a Bachelors of Fine Arts Degree in Photography, with an emphasis in Time-based Media. Take that Parsons!

Although very fond of North Dakota, being my home state, I had to say goodbye, throwing a scarf into the wind off a mountain peak. I began the journey of honing my photographic abilities training with the legendary Ip Man.  After six years of putting my fists in cold waterfalls and fighting off leeches, I finally graduated.

I worked for a lot of, photographers, small businesses, corporations and put many miles on my car figuring out the meaning of life while eye-rolling any good advice coming my way. Like my long commutes to work or time at home, I enjoy the friends I have made through it all, and a good Brian McKnight album.

When it comes to photography, I prefer to work intimately with his subjects. From portrait, documentary to landscape, I invest a great deal of time with each subject. My creative process is quiet, introverted, thoughtful, aiming to create a balance of straightforward mixed with respectful introspection in my work. 

I use whatever tools I have when it comes to photography. Mobile phones, big Digital SLRs, mirrorless and point-and-shoot cameras.

I may have hung out with fellow photographers and varied artist but I prefer to work alone for the core of my work. Although I bring my Geordi Laforge action figure on my escapades. Yes, I appreciate a good Star Trek Marathon.

Professionally, I have had work shown at the North Dakota Museum of Art Auction, The Third Street Gallery, The Art of Giving, River Walk Artists, Amazing Grains Gallery and a featured show at the Rourke Art Museum. I'm a small town artist and ain't no shame in that.

These days, I reside in Fertile, with my partner of eleven years, Eric. We have no pets, although that is subject to change.

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Artist Statement

Growing up in North Dakota and living in Northwestern Minnesota have reinforced creating allegorical subjects in my photography. I live in an area filled with the language of subtlety, where little is said candidly.

It allows me to take an introspective look at the photographic process, and perhaps the Midwest. Are my images allegories to a waterfall, a painting, song, a mood or just photographed object--what is their meaning?

I don't come across my subjects every day I'm out photographing. It took many days of being present to create so few images. Photography can be artistic, unconventional. These photographs are a personal reminder; opportunities are not handed, I must be patient, aware, ready to act and most of all, appreciative of the gift.


These works, I humbly present, are an autobiographical documentation of my life experiences.

-Lance Thorn