Out of the Darkness: You Are Not Alone

I made this, a short personal reflection on the effects my mother's suicide had on me. Here, I walk with my friends, the Christianson Family, where they remember the loss of their own, Chase. These thoughts I share. As a suicide survivor, I feel we all may have had different experiences but we share in that devastating loss. Not only losing that person but that pain that continues on after they are gone.


Goodbye gear!

So, I sold about 95 percent of my gear. All I have left is my trusted, broken Fuji x100 and this Sony RX100m4. The Sony, I'm testing out to see if it will work as a nice, portable tool for video. So far, I'm impressed with the photo quality. The video? Well, that's pretty amazing in this tiny package.

Like any person that suffers from G.A.S., I'll never be completely satisfied with any consumer purchase. My current drama is that I am conflicted at having two very light, portable cameras. I don't need two tiny cameras for stills. Rich people problems.

My precious Fuji I purchased four years ago. It's like my purse but take photos.

Public Notice: It is a real privilege to own a camera, two or fifty. So for those of you constantly unsatisfied with your gear, there is no Holy Grail of a camera. Don't forget that. I don't.

Processed with VSCOcam with m3 preset

The cameras we can buy are amazing, including the latest cellphones. There is only a camera that suits your most of your needs, so find what works well enough and stick with it. I'm a nerd that likes trying new things, so I might need some more time to get a reality check. :) Make sure you have idea how you prefer to shoot, share and view your images. That will help inform any purchase you make.

Taken with a phone camera.

I do miss my big, weather-sealed tank of a Nikon D800 and all that came with it. Since I was working heavily away from freelancing, the gear collected dust. I spent my time journaling my life with a phone camera and my Fuji. It worked well enough. Sadly, my poor Fuji has been broken for a few months and now it sits at a repair facility. It's been replaced by two revisions over four years that I should just buy the latest model. I liked the original the most. Just something about that sensor. Its fate is in my hands...

Fertile. Smartphone camera.

Life is moving in a good direction. I am staying productive, working on being a better human and using my short time to point my ship towards a happy destination.

Taken with a phone camera.

I'll see what happens, should I get the itch to get back into my craft and art.

Cloudscape at Fertile. Smartphone camera.

Oh, here is a shot from the RX100, a very tiny point-and-shoot camera. The quality is good and it fits in my pocket.

Buying awesome gear doesn't create creativity. It's there to help it be expressed, so use what you have at hand.

Mic Jordan at Aboriginal Music Week

Took me awhile to get around to editing this piece. Jordan and I made a trip to Winnipeg where he was performing during Aboriginal Music Week. Was a good time and a nice break for me. I met very talented and lovely individuals during my short few days. The video is handheld (take your motion sickness pills!), with shotgun stabilizer, shot on a Canon T3i, loaned by my lover.

I need to get out more often. Glad I did this trip.