Looking Hella Fierce Anette!

Last Wednesday, Nikki, Sarah, Anette and myself made a trip to my friend Kurt Moen's home out in Clifford, ND. What a wonderful time! I was very nervous about making some images as Anette was leaving for Norway the following Saturday. The day was cloudy so light was diminished in the home–the weather wasn't favorable. It seems like I end up photographing people on cloudy days. I wonder what that means? Photographing a friend and working with friends provides some luxuries and even second chances. From six at night and on was all the time I had. I brought some flashes and used them as fill and key lights.

I believe this type of photography would fall under Beauty. It feels good to be flexible and test my abilities in a genre I'm not familiar with.

When I take photographs of people, it is a one-on-one affair. This time I was working with a team of mutual friends. We were all working as a team.

A small taste, the rest is for Anette's viewing, unless she doesn't mind me posting some more.

I'm glad you enjoyed yourself Anette! Thank you Nikki for the styling, makeup and art directing. Sarah, you rocked with helping select locations, clothes for Anette and directing/moral support.

A big thank you to Kurt Moen.