David Hastings & Joseph Scallon

I made a trip to Fargo for a visit with friends David and Joseph. I snapped one photograph of David outside on the way home after a wonderful lunch with Sam and Joseph. Sam and his wife Jessica accompanied us to see the movie Thor. I enjoyed the effects but the plot was... My energy level was low for the day as I'd been up late working on photographs for a friend. We were ready for bed so I didn't spend much time taking photos. The act of photographing was more of an afterthought. Jessica, Sam's wife, mentioned that we take photographs whenever we all hang out. I think it would be a nice to make it a habit.

I took the next two photographs inside of David and Joseph's apartment. The first one was taken with an inverted umbrella. The last image was taken without a light modifier. I did my best to replicate the sun using a yellow/orange gel attached to a speedlight. Distance is key to getting that crisp light.

Congratulations to Joe for getting first place in Marvin Windows & Doors 2011 Design Competition.

Speaking of bed...I better get some sleep.