New(ish) images.

A quick post here showing other work I have been working on. These are two images from a snowy day spent shooting in Wyoming. As I make my journey from the Southwest to the Northwest, Wyoming has been the scenic destination of this driver's choice. I was there in April. I awoke to a surprisingly warm day filled with snow, fog and little hills hidden in the endless white. The most daunting task, possibly due to the digital era, is making the time to go through and edit images. These photos are in a state of limbo among other images needing a voice. I have shot many photos and have edited so few. I am working to find a healthy balance between shooting and editing.

I spent most of today working on photographs. Such days have been rare as of late. Today was cloudy in the morning. Hours had passed and I looked outside of the window to see some beautiful sunny weather. I stepped outside of the home and breathed in the fresh country air. Looking around, I saw several potential photos but decided against shooting anymore. Sometimes one has to pass up shooting and enjoy being present and alive. I also didn't want to add more work to my already humongous, digital pile of unknown photographs.

I like what I have here. I am excited to go back to Wyoming to photograph these hilly mounds again.

There was a look that I wanted to express and I hope some people get a feel for what I attempted to do with these.