Anette Busk, U-Turn

Shooting at Kurt's home was a good challenge. His home is in the process of updating the plumbing, electricity and repairing rooms–his home will receive its electricity from solar and wind. As the evening progressed, I relied on my strobes to light the rest of the shots. The challenge was making the light look natural and not so false.

The first image used a strobe to to add more light from the window. Since it was a cloudy day, the natural light was soft. Light from a softbox is soft so this worked well in keeping things natural.

This photograph was naturally lit.

The sun had faded to nothing here and I used two strobes to light her. One was placed by the door, which had an abundance of windows, to the right. Where I was standing, I placed a softbox several feet above me to shine down on her and the hallway.

Most of the time I forget to relax. It was dark and I couldn't see Anette very well. Focusing was a challenge.

It wasn't until the later shots that I thought of using my speedlight's modeling light to assist with focusing. My camera's focusing light wasn't functioning. Using my phone's light would removed this barrier. Oh the obvious things one fails see!

Also, never assume that the perfect conditions for a photoshoot are guaranteed (another obvious one). I knew the weather would change and brought extra gear.

In my mind, I envisioned outdoor shots and using the sunset light for some of Kurt's beautiful rooms. Mental visions of dramatic shadows and reflected light falling upon Anette filled my imagination–the day was cloudy and cold. Plans were adjusted to the situation and everything worked out beyond my expectations.

The limitations made for a perfect day of shooting! I am extremely happy with the photographs and thankful for working with a great team.