Try Anything...And Do Something!

Thanks Mom (R.I.P.), I inherited a bad quality of yours. My mother was great talking herself out of opportunities. I went to Germany for three months without knowing that trip was meant for my mother. She should have went...hell she deserved a vacation after bailing me out many times. She didn't think she was worth being a little selfish. For all the times she was unhappy, I believe she did have power to make changes. Her life was created by the choices she made. I'm only unhappy because of my choices and lack of strong action. I've talked myself out of golden opportunities because I don't give myself much credit. Throw on a fear of leaving one's comfort zone (this is relative) into the mix.

How do I fix this? I start making choices that work for me and I figure out what I want in life. Focus less on saying yes to someone else's consensus. Don't let someone discourage you. If you want it go for it. I need to remember what it is I want. All I want is a place and state-of-mind where I accept myself and am able to grow from that.

There should be less dwelling on missed or past opportunities. All that business happened and I best move on and focus on today. And another thing: less focus on getting people to approve of me. I'm much more useful if I like myself first.

My goal, for the next two months, is to sell five framed prints. I did well with print sales last year and that was with little effort. There is a good chance I will do well focusing on things that worked.

What is it you are unhappy about? We have the power to fix our situations, despite their limitations.