Extra, Extra. Read All About It

I've finished the main body of my print portfolio. Extra work can be thrown in to enhance my selections. Combing through my library is a daunting task as many subjects have been photographed. Due to my laziness, there are many unknown, unexplored photographs. I can't say if I've delved into all of my subjects with depth but at least there was an opportunity to give things a try. Figuring out the essence of new subjects is no easy task and have yet to figure out that secret.

Most of the time, I have one opportunity to make things work. The best approach I take is what it feels like to be around something new. What does it mean to me, why do I like it and what story can I tell as a visual visitor?

There have been four opportunities where I could photograph mountains from an airplane. I certainly can't afford a personal helicopter or airplane for aerials. The window seat is my friend and I take advantage of the moments when I can travel via airplane.

New subjects could be like a steamy vacation romance. A second visit might not be as exciting as the first. Working past the initial excitement to create a greater meaning is the tricky part.