The Pacific Coast Highway: What Didn't Make The Cut

I left my job as a personal assistant; I wanted to work for myself. There was a strong feeling of uncertainty. Opportunities to advance were put on hold. Things felt forced. Going somewhere new offered me perspective. Many, many photographs during that wonderful spring of 2009.  It was a time of self-exploration.distilled my month-long experience into a paltry thirteen images for my Pacific Coast Highway series. The whole of my final edit totaled one-hundred photographs.

Refining a portfolio is an exercise in itself; I must be cutthroat about what photographs live and die. A photograph can work well in a sequence while others stand best alone. Many ideas were created during my editing process. I would have loved to have shown more than thirteen photographs. I find that too many images can be detrimental to the viewing experience. Less is more. The PCH was my first attempt at creating a portfolio of photographs. I learned a lot about myself and what it takes to give work a voice.

I have entertained going through and selecting more photographs from this series. Photography held a different meaning for me a short three years ago. How can I replicate a feeling when time has placed me further from those moments? My experiences have been broadened– the world doesn't look the same. It may be a cop-out, but it is best that I move on.