Passing On The Torch: A New Printer

What an exciting day to acquire a new tool! With my new printer, I can print sizes up to 17"x22".

What will I do with my 'old' printer? I'll give it to someone that needs it just as it was given to me three years ago. My dear friend and mentor Chuck Kimmerle introduced me to his Epson 2200 so that I could make prints of my photographs. I didn't find value in a print until I began this process.

Despite owning a smartphone, digital tablet, LCD monitors and having the ability to share/view photographs online, nothing in my book beats a printed image. Printing has taught me how to improve my photography.

Printing teaches me to be selective and deeply assess which of my photographs are worth sharing. A print reveals more unseen flaws that my professional computer screen fails to show me. When I print an image, it goes on a wall or into a portfolio; I look at them every day. A photograph on the wall is a great test of it's value and message. If I can't look at it for a long time then it's time to move on.

Before printing, I had a digital mess of photographs. After printing, I maintain that mess, however my printed photographs (after throwing away bad ones) remain my favorites. There is no right or wrong in this online world of endless sharing; These are my small experiences. I found something that further contributes to my personal photographic language.

I have an idea of who could use that old Epson...

Thanks Chuck for your advice and insights into the world of printing. I have much to learn!