Everything Is Working Again.

Wow, after getting hacked and finding malicious code on my website, everything is back in working order. So what's new in my life? I've picked up a few photo-related jobs here and there! That's been great. It looks like I'll be going to New Zealand for three weeks in February. That will be an exciting adventure.

I also feel it is needed. Describing internal, creative struggles isn't easy. They are a cyclical thing for creatives. I'm in the phase where I'm making very little work I feel is worth sharing. I purchased a new printer and rarely use it. Perhaps a lack of motivation? Worse yet, my camera is barely used unless it is a paid gig. My work has gone cold in my eyes.

Aside from a creative downturn, I have enjoyed my time with my wonderful partner, great friends, immediate family (need to visit my sister soon) and new addition, Kae Bergeson (Pattiya Pimsan). I love my Filipino food but the taste of Thai food is heaven.

The rich spices, 'heat' and cultural exchange is a plus. Kae is learning more english than I am thai. Maybe she could speak in Thai to her and she in English? That would be a fun exercise! I would love to visit her home country.

It's great to see my partner's brother Joe in great spirits. Kae is happy to be part of his life. Mind you, she just turned 35 and has lived a full life of her own. It's very brave of her leave home and start a new life. My mother left the Philippines when she was thirty (maybe twenty-nine?).

Should I get around to posting some photos, they will find their way onto my blog. Until then, here are some courtesy of my partner Eric.

Perhaps leaving the comfy bubble of Fertile will recharge my dead, creative battery? I think so. Travel offers me great perspective. I recommend all of you travel somewhere and it doesn't have to be another country.