New Zealand

I made it to New Zealand with my partner Eric. I'm here to support him in his endeavors to provide better care for the elderly back in States. Oh, and of course to see all the beauty that is New Zealand. This trip will be interesting. I don't own a laptop anymore. That convenience, taken for granted of course, is missed. Speaking of which, I'm writing this on my cellphone. I love it!

Everything that felt infinite is now a finite resource. I love that I am taking less stills and being cautious about filming.

Internet is a limited resource here. I'm thinking in megabytes instead of gigabytes. I have yet to see someone using a laptop at a cafe. How refreshing and liberating!

So will there be photographs on this blog? Yes and most of them will come from my phone. There are photoshop-like apps for my iDevices but the process of transferring and editing photographs takes a little more effort than I'm willing to make. I'm here to be present and not tied to process.

Here is a screenshot, from a short film project, of Eric taking photos along the beach. Lucky guy has a laptop which I'm okay not borrowing.