Bergeson Celebrations

This past Saturday was a day of celebrations in the Bergeson Family. Joe and Kae held a wedding reception while Paul and Glenda celebrated fifty years of marriage. I took some photographs but decidedly kept things relaxed. I'm part of the family, there for the fun and non-alcoholic drinks. Most of the family had cameras, so there would be plenty of different perspectives. Oddly enough, there wasn't the usual requirement for heavy group shots--I like that. There were no formal photographs of the bride & groom, or Paul and Glenda, let alone photos of the reunited (mostly) Bergeson Clan. These things may be missed for Posterity's Sake.

Saturday was a day of celebration with family, not a spectacle involving a Photo List. Tell us how you really feel Lance...

Speaking of digital cameras, I've created a public gallery where friends and family can submit their photographs. This gallery will allow anyone to download any photograph personal use. If you want to be a contributor to the gallery, contact me at for access and instructions.

Click on the photograph of Kae to view more photographs, in color mind you, filled with smiling faces.

Here is the link for bookmarking. The gallery will hopefully change over time as more photographs are added to it.