An addition to my current bodies of work: The Portrait

Portraiture is very new to me. I have done a few sessions for things like Seniors, Weddings, and other odd jobs. I haven't applied myself with the same level of intensity as I would my landscapes. Practice, practice, practice... as the old saying goes. I have a long journey ahead of me.

I recently shot these photos in the past week. Two of them are of Hoang Murphy and the other is of a dear friend, Vembu.

Something about these photoraphs excite me. I'm unsure what is so special about these new images, save that my mind thinks they look cool. Cool only lasts as long as it takes to say the four-letter word. Perhaps they hint at a potential path to take future work into? I know that my inner voice somewhat agrees with this assessment.

New things are exciting to me. I find them daunting the more I explore them. Making these types of interpretive images are more interesting to me than some other more straightforward photo jobs I have done. Speaking of jobs, I would say the photo shoot of Hoang was a failure. The shoot was for his graduation photographs. I did my best to photograph him at his best. Unfortunately, I missed something important in photographing Hoang. Perhaps it was the self-conscious nature of being a teenager or a lack of appealing to one's subconscious vanity? Regardless, I can't win them all.

The blurry images I have here were experiments during the shoot. Surely no student would want a blurry image of themselves in their school's yearbook.

Each failure becomes a success. The blurry photographs of Hoang that excited me came from that failure and are also failures in their own way.

The photograph of Vembu involved taking the idea presented in Hoang's photographs into something more deliberate. They were not a success but I learned from these images. That is not to say that I don't like these images, as I have stated my excitement over them. I will remain happy that I created these photographs. A day, week, or month will pass and I will have moved on from these images (embarrassment, what was I thinking, and etc).

I know that I can make an even better image given more practice and intense study. Never settle on the first step of the journey. The next ones are more exciting.