...Was a very special day. I created an abundance of memories. Today was a feeling of renewal and enjoyment of my craft. What normally felt like a souless grind of work, was replaced with a sense of youthful excitement. The day was an early start. Coffee in the morning, light conversation--a new friendship with a person that inspires me. Today, I photographed a friend tearing up as her mother played with her hair. Her mom had Alzheimer's. It was a privilege...

Life was a fun affair, a mix of work and play and more work. Conversation was shared with Kae, while we pulled the weeds from a flower bed. Joe, her and I set up a Volleyball net. Photos of her laughing, the family enjoying each other's company meant something. In the evening, I made the standard fare business portrait for Eric. When all was done, we made a few photographs for fun. He's important to me.

A few days ago, I picked up a post-birthday present . Sure, I had some Buyer's Remorse (I'm not loaded with cash) and diagnosed myself with G.A.S.. It was fun purchase. Of course, I was tempted to return the camera. Today changed my mind. The photos I made, couldn't have been created with my brick of a camera. This camera was different enough for me to see in another way.

Thanks Fuji for putting spirit into a device, channeling an old legacy. Oh and Leica, I do love your cameras...just a bit out (way) of my price range.