Teresa and Thelma


'Twas a peaceful, cool day at Fair Meadow. Friend Teresa had a present for her mother Thelma. Eric and I paid a short visit to our New Jersey-bound friends.


Thelma played with her daughter's hair, a childhood memory of Teresa's. This gesture, was a moment of clarity and short exchange between mother and daughter.


Eric stood behind me to grab Thelma's attention, while I made a portrait.


Thelma is diagnosed with Alzheimer's. I've lost a mother because of cancer and went through the stages of grief. To lose a parent that will be a living person for years to come, that I cannot fathom. Teresa has stopped being angry. She is learning to accept this sad, yet real reality. How touching it was to see Teresa feel a connection with her mother, even if it was something as simple as her mother playing with her hair.


I left Fair Meadow, joyful and sad.