Modern Day Warrior

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Modern Day Warrior by Jordan Brien (Mic Jordan)

We want back what we once had. I'm not talking about the land, I'm talking about the past. We'll take the future but the present will have to do for now. And I guess "The President" says he'll help out, but I doubt, because our government is convinced that we're all too drunk to figure it out. Besides, we only drink to cover up the pain that was caused by you back in the day anyway. Or maybe it's because we were forced to sign a deal, to have our lives stored away on this place with broken homes that can't provide paved roads for our children to go home. Got us buried in a box that can hold twenty four. But we're more than just logos, and damn right we were built to fight. So I stand up for my people, the real first people. And you can even tell Columbus that. And when I die don’t bury me at Wounded Knee, bury me with a hat that says Native Pride because that's the real me. And I might be light skin, but I'm still Redskin. More than the ones who get paid to play for politicians in Washington. So I wrote them a poem and hope they sit and listen. And if they don't, I'm ready for war.