Haakon: Sixteen & Out

Public high school is a time where everything can work for and against you. Your feet are too big, voice cracks , you suffer through horrible acne and encounter pleasant and difficult social situations. Putting kids in the same building expecting them to respect/like each other isn't an easy task. Reality TV proved that...with young adults. Today still has the same challenges I experienced years ago.

Kids today have the Internet and smartphones. They can expose themselves to a wider audience, creating a perspective no longer limited to radio, television and newspapers. We live in a time where communities can partake in active discussion. Exposure is essential for growth.

Haakon is a high schooler living in the small town of Fertile, MN. He's sixteen and 'out' of the closet, something that isn't so common in this town we both reside. I know it's a good thing for this community.

There will be people against his lifestyle choice and perhaps their exposure to Haakon may sway their opinions. If not, they will be missing out on watching Haakon grow into a person with endless possibilities and contributions.

When Haakon told his father he was gay, he sent his son a text message with the following: '<3'.