There was a car accident two hours from my destination. My emotional response was of anger that this annoyance would delay me another day. I was two hours away, thirty five hours spent driving--I wanted to get home. My mind knew that my complaints paled in comparison to the accident. These were mountain roads, filled with icy patches, winding roads, falling rocks, wandering elk--things that go beyond focused or possibly distracted driving. IMG_6759

I am ashamed that all I cared about was getting home. I knew people's lives were ruined that evening yet I couldn't help feeling what I felt. The helicopter airlifting the injured cemented that reality.



20121229_DSF3104A road crew worker informed me that there would be a four hour delay. I relayed my thanks and asked him about the accident ahead. He said it was very bad. I expressed my sympathies to him. A slight pause, he added that "Most people have nothing to worry about".

As I turned my car around, unable to progress, I relayed the information to a few of the many waiting drivers. Most responses were of annoyance. None that I talked to showed concern for the victims, some possibly dead.

Nothing to worry about indeed.


One dead and seven air-lifted (link).