Yosemite National Park

yosemiteOkay, photo snobs may wrinkle their noses at this more traditional photograph. They may even loudly wrinkle their noses at myself taking it using a phone and creating something derivative. I'm guilty just cuff me and take me away. My big cameras, a few feet away, were crying out. I will use them...next time. Yosemite is gorgeous! It is my first time here and I have up to a week to explore it. This place has been photographed many times famously by Ansel Adams. It will be a tough and fun challenge to capture an image that I can call my own.

I keep telling myself not to discount the easy shots. Should I avoid all the touristy spots? Oh wow, it's Lance Thorn, Master Photographer! Let's give him some space people. Clear the way to Half Dome and beyond! But wait, I'm a tourist too! Why not just enjoy this opportunity? Just shoot, keep shooting and the creativity will flow. One has to start somewhere.

I'm on day two, and am inspired by all the natural scenes. I don't go out of my way to hike but hiking eight to fifteen miles isn't impossible. I did eight miles yesterday and tomorrow I look forward to a lovely, strenuous climb up Yosemite Falls tomorrow.

If I fail to conjure up something special, the world hasn't ended.