Schoolhouse: The Genesis

This place will be an escape for me.

I've found a workplace and the feeling of joy is settling in. A business owner by the name of Carole Larson is lending me use of this space. It is an old one-room schoolhouse from ye olde tymes with the addition of a gigantic garage door. If memory serves me, it was used for the cattle barn to the west of it. Talk about utilitarian function.

I am very thankful and will have to repay her somehow.At first, I was hesitant. The first thing on my mind was "What am I going to do with all this space?" I wanted a workspace to work outside of the home. After years of working out of my car with travel setups at friends places, hotels, and a guest bedroom, I have breathing room.

I could do anything with the building–workshops, artist talks, live music, art exhibitions, and etc. Such things are possibilities for the long-term. For now, I will use it for the purpose I wanted it for–a place for work.

Today I moved some backdrops and tables into the space. There is plenty of shelf space to hold gear if needed. The outlets work, the walls need to be cleaned. That stuff will take a few short days. I want to make it feel like an extension of myself. It should be a Lancescape.

As I get more of my gear and homey items into the space, I'll keep you readers posted.

Maybe I'll throw up ssssome curtainsssss for a little ambience.