Nikki's World

While photo-assisting in Grand Forks, I bunked at friend Nikki's home for the week. What a lovely host! Come July, Nikki will have left Grand Forks to be with her spouse James. We've been great, close friends since college, although I suspect I met her much earlier playing a game of King Of The Hill at the age of eleven. I'll miss her. Hey look, it's in color...for now...

The story behind this photo: There were two men replacing a damaged window, and friend Hillary was in the background with her two active girls. I had taken a more formal headshot of Nikki while everyone around us was bustling around. This was taken after I started packing up my gear. Nikki was resting on one of the chairs and of course, everything lined up and I made a few frames. I can't say it was a quiet shoot on my end. I prefer to photograph people in an intimate setting, free of distraction. It was the distractions that allowed a seemingly posed moment to occur. Thank you Distractions!

This photograph Reminds me of Andrew Wyeth's Christina's World.