New Online Portfolio Version 7.0b

Yes! I switched over my old HTML site to the Wordpress platform. It was about time. Things were getting messy and the process made it difficult to do things. site

I'm very happy with how it turned out. I've tested the site on Safari, Chrome and Firefox--all work fine. It also works well on the devices pictured! Mobile browsing seems to work properly. Landscape on iPad a little cramped, portrait on iPhone small. Things will be adjusted!

I put up a few links. They will be changing over time. I didn't want to wait until it was 'perfect'. It's good enough and certainly filled with more content than the previous version.

And content uploading is much smoother thanks to the platform. Now both my blog and website are running on the same tech. Now my portfolio is mobile-friendly.

If you have any issues with links/etc please do let me know! Oh, and how does it run on Internet Explorer?

My Website

Here are previous incarnations:

2001: I was making digital, mixed-media art. Back then, I wanted websites to be an interactive experience where the art and layout converged (buzzword alert).

2002: I coded this in a text editor. Technology sure has changed since then. I had a thing for floating windows.

2006: I wanted mix brushtrokes in the design. I once enjoyed working with ink.

2007: Went monochrome for the design.

2009: A 'simplified' evolution using three inline frames built into a table. Large, open books with white space inspired this. I did like this design but it sure was tiny.

2010: I used uppercase fonts. Went all clean with a mix of Flash and inline frames.

2011: I later ditched Flash for a Javascript gallery. Switched to italics and smaller fonts. Also did away with my 'logo'. I did like that logo...

2013: Current Website