Out For A Walk in Downtown LA

Back in February, I had an opportunity to visit Los Angeles California. I was in Tucson at the time and made a road trip to visit my future brother-in-law, Gregory Myhre. Greg is an actor performing in theatre productions, movies, television and recently voice-acting. He's a swell guy from the town of Rugby North Dakota. My sister Thelma is currently dating his younger brother Chad. Greg let me stay in his apartment over in downtown LA. What a different world living in such a large city! The pace of life is much faster, communicating with people is short, and traveling can be a pain if you get stuck in rush hour–different indeed. As gratitude for staying with him, I took a few photographs of him for his use in self-promotion. I also took a few snaps for myself as well.

I stayed for one week and had a blast. I got to see my friend Lauren and see the Ocean again. Two wonderful bonuses!

I will definitely visit LA again in the near future. Would I live there? I don't know. LA is major place to be for having a career in photography, acting and cinema. They have a large physical community for which to be part of. For now, I'm happy to be in Fertile with some quiet time and working on my small projects. When I'm ready to hang out my shingle (Cheryl Jacobs reference), it may be one of the few places on my radar to migrate to. Who knows, in this Social Networking World, maybe one doesn't need to have their career dictated by geography?

Hm, I should have taken more pictures. I was starting to build some sort of narrative. Ah well, it is a learning experience for the next time.