A Need Not A Want

I need to shoot! I've spent the past few days cleaning up my new studio space and working on a layout for where to put desks, a cozy sitting spot and a large area to shoot. The word overwhelmed comes to mind. I didn't get as much done as I thought I would. My mind was racing with all the ideas of what I could do to jazz up the place and make it snazzy. Ideas like blackout curtains for studio sessions, wall-mounted lighting rigs or how to make the entry and garage door visually appealing from inside. My mind is easily distracted sometimes and it can forget the immediate task at hand–to make it workable space.

I have set a goal to create a basic layout and get it done before I work this Sunday evening. The excitement of having my own space has pushed me to make it as homey as possible. Like a new apartment, house, or mobile home, they need time to have their own voice and not have that forced upon them.

I want to shoot! Anyone interested in a snazzy studio session next week?