Personal Goal

I am continuing to meet my personal goals of making more work. I am happy to say that I have photographed whatever at least three times this past two weeks. I would love to say that the work I am creating is portfolio worthy. To quote Henri Cartier-Bresson: It takes a lot of milk to get a little bit of cheese.

I am happy to report that I enjoyed the act of photographing. Lately, it has been a painful endeavor. Creating work is an internal process. I feel out-of-center with myself. It may be the change of the seasons or perhaps new desires entering the forefront. Perhaps I should take some time for introspection. I am a bit overdue on a few 'me' days. In any case, I enjoyed creating for the sake of creating.

Maybe I'll be able to make a little bit of cheese from all of this.

Where/what do you folks think this image is?