Work Break: Portrait of Co-Worker

Sometimes it gets a bit tiring editing product after product. Matt & I are two of four product photographers at our job. We shoot and edit a plethora of various electronic components, kits and random items through the middle of the night until the early morn. We decided to take a short break and photograph something different.

Matt is creating new portrait work and he likes the look of B&W. I'm by no means a pro at toning but I wanted to show him how I would go about toning an image. We use fluorescent lights in our workplace for our products. Those lights were used to light Matt. Our backdrop was a product box...I also made a mistake with the lighting setup in case someone nitpicks. :) Who cares, I'm happy with it and Matt likes it.

I'll post a photo of our workspace. It is comical...

It was fun and I like having something useful to part with. Matt is an awesome graphic designer and a good photographer. I think there will be a greater exchange of knowledge between the two of us.