Dallas, Shame and A New Camera

Today I photographed a co-worker's son for his graduation photographs. I had a great time and the day was very long from early morning until the late afternoon. I decided to test out my new Canon 60D. I bought the camera to shoot video as Nikon didn't have what I needed for quality/fps. I bought a Nikon adapter so I could use my Nikon lenses on the Canon. It sure is nice to be somewhat updated for a change! Dallas is a good kid. I mean it. He has a lot of potential to be a great person. He was easy to talk to and we both got along great. Not too many young men his age are so personable. His confidence was refreshing.

I did have one awkward moment...

-involuntary heart-to-heart time-

I don't like telling people I'm gay. It is never on my priority list to begin with. I dislike the word and all the stereotypes and stigmas associated with it. Why do I need that stupid label to define me? That isn't the first thing I think of when I put myself out there in the Real World. My friends don't tell people they are straight. I don't participate in gay (no pride parades, triangles, stickers on my car and etc) stuff to begin with. I like to live my life like I'm no different than whatever.,

I'm ashamed of that aspect of me and I should display more confidence in these situations. I have that fear of judgment (skin color first now this?) that comes with the stigma of this alternative lifestyle. My biggest discomfort is when it comes to men. I dread it! Maybe a guy may feel threatened by me if I'm photographing them? Will I ruin their masculinity? It a reason I have very few men in my personal portfolio. Of course if I get over myself and not care, I don't think it would ever be an issue at all.

Dallas asked me if I had a boyfriend and I said yes. He treated the question and reply with respect and kindness and the conversation ended as quickly as it began. He's a good guy.

Question: Do you women shooters feel discomfort around men?

-end of involuntary heart-to-heart-

Here is an image of Dallas. It is a head-on portrait, nothing groundbreaking. Yes, he's wearing a cowboy hat his boss gave him. Stetson Man! Wow Lance you are so original! I'm rusty folks! He rocks it well in my book.

I don't know if I like it in color or black and white.

-Camera Stuff-

The camera is pretty snazzy but the RAW files are a whopping 20 megabytes. When I edit the files in Photoshop, it totals to a huge whopping 651 megabytes! All I can say is that I best purchase a larger hard drive. It is a good thing to have large files as it will force me to be more selective with what I spend time editing. I must say goodness, what a huge jump from my 6 megapixel Nikon D70!

How does the image quality stack up to my aged Nikon? I definitely have more headroom to work with versus my old camera thanks to the 14-bit files versus the old 12-bit. I also need to stick to my primes as the resolution is worthless on the kit-lens that came with the camera. Compared to a Nikon D3s or D700, I say the Canon can't compare. I notice a nicer color tonality as well as a better(that's relative) image from my Nikon D3(I wish I could own one) files. Apples to oranges as the 60D isn't a full-frame camera.

Speaking of full-frame...When I get more cash flowing in and some debts knocked down, I'm going full-frame with whatever camera replaces the Nikon D700. I'm done with this whole crop-factor business. Until then, I'm fine shooting with whatever camera I got. I photographed Amanda with my old D70 and Dallas with my new 60D. It didn't change the way I made an image. I did like the larger LCD screen.