Yesterday I made a trip to Grand Forks to take a personal portrait of a friend from college, Jordan Schuetzle. Jordan is a great guy that looks out for the underdog as an attorney. I met Jordan when I was part of the Multicultural Awareness Committee and the University of North Dakota. I believe that was about seven years ago. I haven't maintained much contact with him since graduating college.

Recently, he came up on my mind of peers to photograph. I remember him for his encouraging nature towards me during my time on MAC.

We had great conversation and a nice photo session. Jordan has done so many different things from home renovation, theatre, the sound guy at the hockey arena and then some. I like his enthusiasm for giving stuff a go at it.

I decided to try a some different toning, styles and color and monochrome toning.

This next one isn't a winning shot in my book. I'm sharing it to show another way I may approach an image. What I do like is the type of lighting (too bright on the shirt) and toning. I may revisit this technique again.

This one is my favorite. This would be a photo I feel represents my personal vision.

A big thanks to Jordan for sparing some time out of his busy schedule to let me take his portrait.