I rarely take photographs of my partner Eric. He's been with me through the the trials and tribulations of my young adult life. We have a good connection with each other. Eric asked if I could take some PR photographs of him. I hesitantly agreed and made a few images for him. This image is for my personal use. I'm not a flattering photographer–no candles or soft-focus here.

I don't think he likes having his picture taken. A few times in the shoot he told me to press the shutter. I let my ego drop a few rungs.

I hope my subject can have confidence in my ability to know when to take the right image. If they don't feel confident in me, I'll gladly bring out a mirror, place it by the camera and hand them a shutter remote. I want them to know that they can trust me. This is why I'm afraid of taking photographs of people. I am afraid I won't measure up.

Eric is also a good photographer so I would assume he projected his view of a portrait over mine. What we look for in faces, moments, and scenes are vastly opposite of each other. Our differences make for interesting conversation.

Ugh, photography could be such a great, emotional roller coaster!

When I photograph it is an intimate, overwhelming process. How much emotional power do I give the individual over me and what am I allowed to take from them? A little emotional distance helps ease the process of shooting.

Perhaps I'm too close to him to create a proper objective image? Hm.