Self-Portrait: One Light, Myself And A Backdrop

I'm suffering from Cabin Fever. It doesn't help that my dear lover Eric has left for Tucson, a much warmer locale. I chose to stay home for a few weeks as I'm not ready for a vacation–I miss him. During this time, I will enjoy my solitude. There have been a few life changes behind-the-scenes here and there will be a follow-up post about them.

I took some photos of myself tonight. I may not have a six-pack abs, pectorals, or bulging muscles but I'm the nearest warm body that isn't afraid of having their photograph taken.

I kept my set-up minimal using one light source and a backdrop. I had no fill-cards to reflect light. The living room has plenty of bright, wooden surfaces for the work I was creating. I also played with gauze. Gauze is a tricky thing to use as some great photographers like Joyce Tenneson have used it in such an amazing way.

I love that these new digital cameras have Live View! What a magical feature. It made the process of setting up a lot easier. I could view the scene, set myself up to it, run to my camera and press the shutter. During this process, I could see myself on the television as the self-timer on the camera counted down. My camera was tethered to the television with a short cable. The limitation of this is that I can't get too close to my backdrop or try different point-of-views from above or below.

Another thing new-ish for me is that I have some color in the images. I am a little nervous to mix things up a bit as black and white is timeless and elegant. The images look great in black and white. It's time for me to branch out a bit.

I was shooting for the sake of shooting so don't expect any grandiose concept or deconstruction of this and that. It was all fun for me! Perhaps a side-effect to all this free time and Cabin Fever?

I think I like this next one a bit more.