Self-Portraits: Continued

I am self-conscious about my figure. Of course I could fix that with is weird that I choose to photograph myself without much clothing. I think you get more of the person without clothes. Our society views nakedness as a moral issue. I was taught to be ashamed of nakedness. Because of that, I would cover up myself as much as I could. I used to wear a t-shirt when I would swim in the pool. I didn't trust people enough out of fear of judgement. I feel that I reveal more about myself without all the clutter. I follow the same approach to my landscapes–I remove as much as I can to show the essence of my subjects. That's why I may prefer some blurring with portraits or  a foggy/snowy/rainy day for landscapes. When a portrait subject is bare you have earned some trust with them unless they are exhibitionists. Working with that trust can define the rest of my photo session or ruin images due to shame or lack of confidence. Photographing myself like this helps me gain some confidence. I still hide some things here and there. I'm not that bold!

I could cheat and flip some of the images. The lighting would give it away. Cheating is wrong!

Here are some less interpretive images.