Through My Archives: Continued

This next photograph is from December 2009. It was taken at my friend Shaylee and Jordan's apartment in Lakewood Colorado. They now live in Fargo. I can't say that my re-toning created a flattering image. I'm noticing that in the way I approach people for these personal photographs. I've also gone towards a darker, contrasty type of toning. I used to love soft light but now I like a little edge to it.

For criticisms, her head is slightly tilted up away from the lens and the lighting is splotchy. The darker tones show more features of her face like her pores and smile marks. We all have these features. I like it because it isn't a right image. Either way works for me.

This was how I toned it before.

And here is my second approach.

I'm visiting Shaylee and Jordan in Fargo this monday. Expect an updated photograph of her and an image of Jordan.