William Swearson

My friend Will stopped by to visit me out in Fertile, MN. I've known him for about six years through my mutual friend Myra. He's a total intellectual that likes Star Trek, a bookworm and one that is well-versed in the natural world. We hung out for most of the day and had great conversation. I got the itch and asked if I could take his portrait. The session dramatically changed from the early beginnings. This will be the second time I have photographed a male figure. I'm not saying second for bragging but because it is a type of photography I have been afraid of trying out. Trust must be maintained in this type of photography.

I have seen some photographer's portfolios of attractive men and women that I believe are exploitative. I don't want to be that kind of photographer and I would like for people I may approach to feel comfortable with this type of work. I'm gay, I am attracted to men and I think men should be open to looking beautiful. I can't generalize how men feel about having these types of photos taken. Perhaps they want to give such a thing a try but are limited by their personal and societal taboos?

Will is top notch and a natural model. I am honored that he would let me photograph him in this intimate manner.

Here are some takes from the session that I feel comfortable posting online out of respect for Will.

This May, Will will graduate with a Masters in Space Studies. The future is an open book for him and I wish him well.