Nice And Tidy

It feels great to have my photographs organized with proper file-names. I spent the whole evening getting things all tidied up. I hated myself the whole way. There are things in this world for the short and longterm. I should have kept things consistent from the beginning–it was a short-lived nightmare. My next task is to keyword my images. I have time, which is a luxury, to finish this daunting task. I hope what I'm doing will work for the next few years.

I organized my photos into folders labeled by year. I labeled the files year first, month, day and kept the original filename. I could have deepened the folder structure with months to added to the equation. I decided against that since I've treated my shoots like a yearlong project. Thanks to Chase for this helpful tip. It sure was a no-brainer!

I had originally named my files like this: 2007-12-29-001.NEF. It isn't too different from this 20071229_DSC0001.NEF.

Here is a peek. Click on the image for a larger view.