I have been on the road for a few days in beautiful California. There has been so much to photograph, people to meet and experiences to live. I've taken advantage of my trip by leaving my laptop at home--I love not being tied to the big machine, at least for awhile. I have maintained my personal goal of being out and about instead of stuck in the home. I have spent too much time on my computer. If I'm wasting time on my iPhone, at least I'm outside doing it or surrounded with other human beings. I have also taken advantage of my cell phone's camera. These images have been processed on my phone and I am very impressed with the results. I'm enjoying switching between my DSLR and iPhone to take photographs. Each tool has their own unique approach to photographing various subjects.

With my phone, I feel casual about photographing subjects. I don't have to be serious about my art and craft worrying about framing, what lens to use, aperture, shutter speed, maintaining exposure and the chaos of post-processing–everything with my phone is quickly ingested and spat out, processing and all. I'm glad to have a new photographic tool at my disposal.

Stay tuned for more of my mobile adventures.

Oh and a big THANK YOU to Sarah Law and Memphis Barbree for hosting me.