Keeping It Simple

I am planning a trip the the Philippines sometime towards the end of this year on a quest of discovering my ethnic roots. A few thoughts came up to the surface of my mind. Perhaps you have something to add to post? I want more simplicity in my physical, creative world.

For St. Lucia, I packed all this into my camera bag, excluding the duffle bag for clothing and my tripod. I used half of that for California.

I have a lot of photo and computer equipment. I use all of it but I use half of it most of the time. The rest of the equipment are used for paid jobs or special projects. My outlook on equipment has begun a shift to less-is-more. I've got different gadgets that do the same task. Do I really need my strobes when I've been working with natural light so often?

I've been paying attention to what my friends have been doing in their own lives. I see them minimizing the physical spaces they occupy. I'm not going for starkness–I want comfort without a lot of weight.

I recently trashed/gifted most of my personal belongings because I have no use for them. I've kept the keepsakes but things like books, furniture and knick-knacks are a waste of space.

I brought my camera bag and a duffle bag to carry my camping and photo gear. I reduced my equipment load and used half of the space in my camera bag despite having two cameras and lenses inside. I did not feel lacking in gear for the trip. Perhaps I can remove the stuff I didn't need in my photographic life?

I brought too many clothes and would have been fine with two pairs of pants, a few t-shirts and one sweater. I wouldn't be fashionable for outings but I was there to document my adventures not strut my stuff downtown. I'm learning with each adventure.

It was refreshing not bringing my laptop with me to California this last week and using my iPad. Touch screens are awesome for viewing things but it sure feels GREAT to use a physical keyboard. I could buy a bluetooth keyboard but that defeats the purpose of less-is-more. As I move towards accepting more portable lifestyle, I may soon have what I need to document/share my world a small backpack.

If things work out this year in the financial realm, I may be able to stay in the Philippines for a few months and visit other countries in Southeast Asia. Getting to the Philippines will cost me about $1400. Staying there is extremely cheap. For me to stay in St. Lucia for three months would set me back several thousand dollars versus a few thousand. I can do much more for my dollar in the Philippines including traveling to other nearby countries.

By then, I would like to have minimized my equipment load for this and future adventures.