Everest And Red Cortez

I had a wonderful time in San Diego at a bar called Casbah. My good friend Sarah Law photographs bands in all their glory whether on the road, at rest or on stage. I got a small peek into the work she has tirelessly dedicates herself to documenting. Photography is all about seeing light and a photographer should be able to adapt to various situations. From experience, I find each type of photography requires a different skill-set. Landscape work is mostly static and a portrait has an element of direction to it. Event work runs at a frantic pace and a lot of control is lost to the crowds, the venue's setup and the energy of the performers.I had to be quick on my feet and ready to capture that special moment.

Sarah gave me a few helpful tips for photographing the bands Everest and Red Cortez. I'll remember to drink alcoholic beverages (I had one) after the festivities are over–whoops!

Everest and Red Cortez performed original songs and they were great. The night was an eye-opening experience.