I have the shakes! I am excited to the very core of my being. This is a rare feeling for anyone to experience. We all get excited from time to time but there is that special feeling where one might say they have struck gold.

I get excited about photographs and of course enter that Photographer's High that makes me feel awesome and god-like. I let them sit for a few days and realize maybe I was a bit too excited over images of fallen trees.

These two new photographs, which I took today in Fertile, MN, are more than a few days of excitement. I believe they have something else.

I have been on a long hiatus photographically. I have taken a few images as well as a few paid jobs but none of them have given me these weird shakes.

Even if times are difficult in the Fine Art World (I think it has been this way for years), I shouldn't turn away from creating and sharing with any community.

These photographs are a hope for me to continue being creative. If I can get shaky over creating something today, I want to feel like that for the next image or whatever else I create.