Growing Pains

A new shift has begun for me and so far I feel comfortable with my trajectory. Unknowns are in abundance but that is expected from new things. My short-term goals have been realized and now I can work on the next set of goals. I have maintained my promise not to announce my goals except to close friends. Action speaks volumes.

There is no need to continually prove to people that I am doing something by announcing plans. It is a vain attempt at tricking myself into believing I have accomplished something. Do what you do without expecting others to care. Few people are interested in the things we do. This is not an insult--I consider it a favor.

Here are some other (cheesy) thoughts:

Nothing happens right away. It's okay to be lost when I am making efforts to find my way. Changing my geographic location will not resolve deep, personal issues. Move somewhere for the experience and personal growth. Listening to my gut pays off--I ignore it a lot. Never blame people for my situation‚ I am the problem not them. Give back when given to. Do more than a thank you. Stop knocking people down that attain success. Jealousy is not attractive. Remember that when you taste success." Give everyone the benefit-of-a-doubt. I'm no psychic! A good attitude is important and I don't expect others to be responsible for my happiness. There is no need to follow in my peer's footsteps--I prefer my own. I believe in my work. My images are strong. Life is not a contest. If it was, someone will always outdo me. Surround myself with those that care for me and in return care for them. Get rid of craziness! I've worked in crazy situations subscribing to that version of reality. Life doesn't need to be complicated. Assert myself and stand by my beliefs until proven wrong. It is fine for me to say 'no'. What I do for work does not define me. What I do for myself and others are the things that define me. Do something for yourself. I buried a loved one that never did that. That was their advice to me before that person died. Be willing to learn and grow. Some of this advice comes from the people in my life. Despite all the advice I get, I have to learn these lessons alone. I am constant and the world around me changes. Hold onto myself for that is all I have in the end. I am never truly alone.

Check out this video for some more advice.