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There are times when I prefer to travel light without my main photographic tools  I visually journal using my mobile device. I enjoy the freedom of moving around minimally. The bigger, correct tools, for the job, can limit my creative control. Photographing with one lens, processing images on a small device remove a lot of the time involved with more controlled approaches. This method allows me to freely document ideas, impressions from the day. And, it sometimes help when I do have my tools at hand, especially when working with a subject of interest.

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This is a collection of short moments, vignettes from my daily life. The approach is not so different from being a fly-on-the-wall. These vignettes begin where the conversation breaks into creating a photographic moment.

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A Likeness

I prefer a one-on-one approach, often spending the day with my subjects. It's in that time I gain a brief insight into the lives they lead. People are far more faceted beyond their normal appearance. There are no written essays here to accompany my discoveries. The intention is to express the line between glamour and introspection.

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Growing up in North Dakota, the skies were my mountains, ever present always visible, sunrise to sunset.

Clouds are an intellectual escape. My imagination would conjure up faces, spaceships, anything that looked familiar, shapes gone as soon as they are noticed. The vast, endless horizon line accentuates the flatness of home. Clouds provide a visual break. Removing the actual horizon line pushes the process into abstraction.

I have difficulty photographing a grandiose sunset, thunderstorms with lighting striking the earth, rolling grass on a windy day, or old 'relics' from the farm. Such scenes are things that are close, familiar. I was taught the visual language of this area since childhood. Capturing these cloudscapes allows me to feel like a visitor with fresh eyes.

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