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A collection of stories from Rural Minnesotans.

In this short vignette, Sheila recalls the two children she lost in her life, one passed shortly after birth and her daughter Laurel at the age of 18.

I made this, a personal reflection on the effects my mother's suicide had on me. Here, I walk with my friends, the Christianson Family, where they remember the loss of their own, Chase. As a suicide survivor, I feel we all may have had different experiences but we share in that devastating loss. Not only losing that person but that pain that continues on after they are gone.

Music by: The Monk by the Sea https://soundcloud.com/themonkbythesea/reflection-3

This is a short, interview-style documentation of Samantha's involvement with the Baja Races. The races are held once every year during Polk County Fair in Fertile, MN. Competing racers use old cars, modified to take a beating. I'd say it's a car's Swan Song. The Baja Races are similar to a Demo Derby, except the intention is to race instead of destroying each other's vehicles. The Baja was filmed over three separate days, covering the work done on her vehicle, Samantha competing and an interview after the Baja. Many thanks to the workers of the Pit (Baja Racers), Samantha, and her friends.

Racers: Samantha Brown, Luke & Noah Thompson
Music: "Work Hard, Play Harder" by Gretchen Wilson